Say Goodbye to Annoying Birds

Schedule eco-friendly pest control services in Brighton, CO

Birds of all types and sizes call Colorado home-that doesn't mean you have to let them make themselves at home at your house, building or structure. If you need wildlife control service in Brighton, CO, choose Pest Predator, LLC. We specialize in bird control installation and removal services. Your property will be bird-free in no time.

We can protect your property from:

  • Northern flickers
  • Downy woodpeckers
  • White-breasted nuthatches
  • Rufous hummingbirds
  • Mourning doves
  • Pigeons

For more details about our wildlife services in Brighton, CO, call us now at 720-961-3639.

We use top-notch bird control equipment

We use top-notch bird control equipment

If your property has a bird problem, the experts at Pest Predator are ready to resolve it for you. We offer a range of eco-friendly pest control and bird control services in Brighton, CO and the surrounding area.

You can rely on us to keep birds off your home, building, parking garage, billboard or lighting feature. We do this by installing bird control equipment from Bird Barrier, like:

  • StealthNet®
  • Bird-Shock®
  • Optical Gel™
  • Bird-Flite® Spikes
  • Dura-Spike®
  • Daddi Long Legs™
  • BirdSlide™
  • Bird-Coil®
  • Birdwire®
  • Eagle Eye®
  • Gutter-Point™
  • Nixalite® Spikes
  • Tree-Shock™
  • Bird Traps
  • Solar Panel Protection
  • TowerGuard™
  • Gridwire™
  • OvoControl®
  • Mist Net Kits

To learn more about our bird and wildlife control services in Brighton, CO, contact Pest Predator today.